Board of Trustees

The Hopkinsville Christian County Public Library Board of Trustees is appointed by the Mayor of Hopkinsville and Judge Executive of Christian County, five members from each. Trustees serve four year terms with no more than two consecutive terms.

This board oversees the library’s director and finances. The board also makes the policies for the Library. Board members are appointed by the City of Hopkinsville and Christian County.

Regular Board meetings are held on the 4th Monday of each month at 5:15pm in Library Board Room. Check the Library’s calendar for location details.


Brooke Jung Unfilled term expires Nov. 30, 2017
Ryan Maybry 1st term expires Aug.31, 2020
Wayne Goolsby 2nd term expires Nov. 30, 2018
Jason Carroll   (Vice President) 1st term, expires Aug. 31, 2018
Tracie Jenkins (Secretary) 1st  term expires Aug. 31, 2020
Patricia Bell City Council Representative


Beverly Riner 2nd term expires Aug. 31, 2017
Justin Williams unexpired term expires Aug. 31, 2017
Jerry Gilliam       (President) 2nd term, expires Aug. 31, 2019
James Adams 1st term expires Aug. 31, 2020
Laura Waldron 1st term expires Aug. 31, 2017
Rich Liebe Fiscal Court Representative

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