Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Kentucky Libraries Unbound?

The service is accessed through a website at or

through our website,

Do I have to create a special account?

No. Kentucky Libraries Unbound is designed to use your library card. You may use your

How do I find items to check out?

First you are going to want to sign in. Our library purchases extra copies of titles we

think our patrons will enjoy and those titles are for our cardholders only. They are only

visible after signing in with your HCCPL card.

Once you’re signed in at you will notice that there is

a search box, as well as a page of featured items. You can use the search box by

simply entering keywords related to the title or topic you are interested in. You can also

click on any of the featured items directly, or use the list of subjects and collections on

the left-hand side of the screen. To view information and availability for any specific title,

just click on the small “thumbnail” picture for the item.

After clicking on a specific title, the information screen will show you what types of

devices that title is compatible with, whether it is available for checkout, and so on.

Assuming it is available, clicking on “Borrow” will direct you to the login page (if you are

not already logged in) where you will be asked for the name of your home library, then

your library card number. After successfully signing in, the items are automatically

checked out to you and ready to download.

How do I download my items?

Downloads work in different ways depending on your device. Compatible Android and

iOS based devices will have an app called Overdrive Media Console that can be

downloaded free of charge, that will allow the download and management of materials.

Most Kindle titles can be transferred by completing the checkout process, then going to

your Amazon Kindle account to download your material via WiFi. Some Kindle titles,

and many other eBook readers require that the materials be downloaded to a home

computer, then transferred via a USB cable to the device. You can find specific

information for your device by following this link to the OverDrive help site.

How many titles can I check-out simultaneously?

You can have up to 12 items checked out at one time.

How long do digital titles check-out?

Maximum checkout periods are 7 days for most videos, 14 days for music, and 21 days

for audiobooks and eBooks. You may choose a shorter checkout period if you desire.

Yes, if there are no holds on the title, your account will automatically begin displaying

a renewal option in the bookshelf area approximately two days prior to the due

Yes. You can place up to ten (10) titles on hold at a given time.

How will I be notified when a hold is available?

Once the title becomes available for checkout, you will receive an email indicating the

title is available. This email will contain instructions on checking the item out. You must

check out your item within two days (48 hours) of the email being sent out or the item

will return to the library’s collection.

With OverDrive Read, you can read eBooks right in your browser with a single click—no

software or downloads required.

OverDrive Read is a browser-based eBook reader that works on most computers,

tablets, and mobile devices running up-to-date web browsers. OverDrive Read is

available for most eBooks from your digital library. You can find more information on

reading without downloading at


What devices work with the Kentucky Libraries Unbound service?

Digital items are compatible with a wide range of portable devices, such as portable

music players, eReaders, tablets and smartphones.

Please see for a full list of compatible devices.

Can I burn an audiobook to a CD?

Some titles may be burned to CD. This will be noted in the information displayed about

Can I download digital titles to public computers at my library?

No. Licensing issues and computer security will not allow downloads to library

computers. In libraries with Wi-Fi access, Kindle users may be able to check out their

books on public library computers, then log into their Amazon accounts to download

their book via their Kindle’s Wi-Fi. Success will depend on the particular computer

security and set-up at individual libraries.

How do I return a borrowed item?

You do not need to return a borrowed item. Once the lending period has elapsed, the

title is automatically ‘returned’ to the library. Although the file(s) will remain on your

machine, the file(s) will no longer be accessible, and can be deleted.

Can I return a borrowed item early?

All “protected” PDF and EPUB eBooks may be returned early, as can Mp3 audiobooks.

For other formats, including “open” PDF and EPUB eBooks, you must wait until the

checkout period expires. “Open” and “Protected” eBooks are distinguished by an icon

displayed when viewing the title on the Kentucky Libraries Unbound website. You can

also choose a shorter checkout period during the checkout process if desired. Kindle

users may return items early or delete items using the “Manage My Kindle” option in

Can I download a digital item to a Mac?

eBooks and MP3 audiobooks may be downloaded to a Mac. The MP3 audiobooks

require the use of OverDrive Media Console. A Mac version of this software is available

from the website. WMA audiobooks will work on Apple devices only if transferred from a

Windows-based PC. Music and video titles will not work on Mac computers or Apple

Where can I go for more information?

You can always call the library and make an appointment for a help session. Also, there

is more information available in the Kentucky Libraries Unbound website help section.

If you find that you have a question that isn’t answered from the OverDrive Help site, you can contact us directly:

Hopkinsville Christian County Public Library 270.887.4263

Step-by-Step Instructions for Overdrive


Overdrive offers electronic books and audiobooks to download to a computer or mobile device. We share a portion of this collection with other libraries, so be sure to sign in to your account to discover titles only available to our Library’s card holders.

Help! - What device are you using?


Overdrive Lending Facts

  • A current library card number is required to check out materials
  • You can only check out 5 items at a time
  • A lending period of 7, 14, or 21 days can be chosen from within your account settings
  • Digital items are like physical items, meaning you will have to place a hod if all copies of a title are currently checked out
  • Once a title that you placed a hold on becomes available, you will be notified by email and you have 3 days to check it out before the hold expires
  • Available on both PCs and MACs

Expiration Equation

  • Titles downloaded to your computer will expire at the end of the lending period
  • Titles transferred to an iPod or a WMA player will not expire until you re-sync your entire library
  • Titles transferred to an eBook reader will expire at the end of the lending period
  • Titles transferred to a Smart Phone will expire at the end of the lending period
  • Always Available titles never expire

Mac Equation

Overdrive titles use DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection technology from Microsoft Corporation. Apple® devices (iPod, iPad, iPhone) used in conjunction with a computer on a Mac operating system do not support DRM-protected files. This means:

  • You will have a very limited selection of audio book and music titles if you download to a Mac and transfer to an Apple® device (iPod, iPad, iPhone)
  • You will be able to access most audio books and music titles if you download to a PC and your Apple® device is formatted for a PC
  • Video is not viewable if downloaded to a Mac or mobile device
  • All eBook titles are available to Mac users

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