Renew Checkouts

Once you are in My Account, select the “User Services” option.  Then “User Status Inquiry” or “Renew Materials”.  Follow the instructions to renew eligible materials.

Simply select the items you wish to renew and click on the Renew Selected Items at the bottom of the list.

Unable to renew? Several possibilities may exist.

  1. Item is on hold for another patron. If this is the case, please return the item to the library as soon as possible.
  2. Owe too much money. Once an individual has accrued over $5.00 in fines it is the library’s policy to block access to renewing and borrowing additional materials until the account is settled. Please visit the library to reduce your fines.

Check out periods and overdue fines:

Books 21 days .20/day
Audiobooks 21 days .20/day
Music CDs 7 days .20/day
DVDs – Fiction 7 days .50/day
DVDs – nonfiction 21 days .50/day
Magazines 7 days .20/day
Puzzles 21 days .20/day
BackPacks 14 days .50/day
Discovery Kits 14 days .50/day

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