Homework Help

Need a little help with your homework? Try out one of our databases! Databases are way for you to find reliable information or articles about a particular topic. Use the number on the back of your library card to log in to World Book, or give us a call to find our what the username and password are for any of our other databases. 


Amazing Animals of the World: contains reference and media materials on 1200 animals for grades 2 and above. 


Britannica Escolar OnlineSpanish language reference center for students ages 6-12.

Britannica Learning ZoneEducational resource with games, beginner’s reading tutorials, etc for children ages 3-5.

Britannica School: Resources and articles in 3 different reading levels: Elementary, Middle School, and High School.


Explora for Primary Schools: ERIC, Newspaper Source and Primary Search for elementary school students.

Explora for Middle SchoolsERIC, Health Source: Consumer Edition, Middle Search Plus, Newspaper Source, Professional Development Collection, and TOPICsearch for middle school students.


FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration): Food safety and nutritional information, animal health, and agricultural library for kids and teens.


Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia: Encyclopedia for middle and high school students.


Kentucky State Government: State facts for kids.


Middle Search Plus: Full text of more than 140 popular middle school magazines.


National Geographic Kids: Games, videos, articles, and more science related fun for elementary school students.


Ology: Science games, videos, and stories for elementary school students presented by the American Museum of Natural History.


Primary Search: Articles concerning general topics for elementary school students.


School Center: Preparation and skill building for school tests and assignments.

Smithsonian: Explore the Smithsonian’s resources for elementary school and middle school students.


World Book: Scholarly articles, videos, pictures, and games concerning a variety of topics written at several different reading levels. (User ID: your library card number starting with 2KSPE…)